June 1, 2016

Brittany in 5 Days

Rugged and medieval, the French region of Bretagne(aka Brittany) is unlike any other part of France.  As you walk through towns surrounded by cobble stone streets and half timbered homes, it feels as if you have been transported back to a different century. In order to take it all in, we grab a rental car, a baguette and plenty of cheeses, and head out on our five day tour. Here are my suggestions to best experience this enchanting region!

We started our tour of Brittany in the small quaint town of Dinan. This little town is wonderful for casual strolls along weathered cobblestone streets. Walks along the fortified walls that surround the town is the best way to take in the sights. You'll quickly realize that there is no shortage of charm
here, especially if you're willing to wander off the beaten path.

With Dinan as our home base, we took a day trip to Mont Saint-Michel. Truly a spectacular sight.

The rugged cliffs that line France's northwest coast are truly unlike any other site in the country. The most notable area for these impressive cliffs is the department of Finistère.

The town of Quimper has the similar charm of Dinan but with slightly more grandeur. The medieval gothic cathedral contrasting the humble but charming streets is almost fairytale like. And did I mention the quiet river that flows through the town? Quimper is a must-visit.

Dinan: 2 Nights
Lannion: 1 Night
Quimper: 1 Night
Vannes: 1 Night

Where to Stay
Hotel de la Porte Saint-Malo-Dinan

Where to Eat
 La Lycrone-Dinan
I had the most delicious scallops with parmesan risotto. The atmosphere is true to the region making for a wonderful expererince. You can not come to Dinan without visiting La Lycrone.

What to Do
1. Wander the streets and take in the sights. This is always my approach when visiting a new city. You don't need to know where you're going, just wander. This is truly the best way to see the soul of a city.
2. Visit the cliffs. This is when a rental car is a must. You have the freedom of stopping anywhere along the coast. Take a picnic lunch and explore the rugged cliffs.
3. Crepes and cider! This region is known for their crepes with salted butter, caramel, and other delicious toppings, just don't forget a bottle of the local cider!
4. Mont Sain-Michel and Saint-Malo day trip. Walk to the top, take in the views, possibly visit the abbey, and avoid the crowds. Personally I found the most spectacular view to be from the road right before entering the islet.

1. Rent a car! This gives you the freedom to easily go from town to town and take day trips and pit stops along the way.
2. The way our trip was set up allowed up to make a loop throughout the region. This route allows you to see the variety that this region has to offer.

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